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Funky Iron Questions

Wait for the iron to cool down before putting it away and follow the 3 tips: empty out the water remaining in the tank, set the thermostat to the minimum and stand it upright.

It is essential to select the right ironing temperature. Your Funky Iron has a built-in thermostat controlling the temperature very precisely over the entire surface of the soleplate. The thermostat dial contains international markers with dots corresponding to ironing temperatures.

Steam is only available when the temperature dial is set to 3 DOTS or MAX. Steam is available on these two settings once the iron has reached the required temperature. If the temperature dial is set to less than 3 DOTS, no steam will be available.  This is to avoid drips which typically occur when irons are set at a lower temperature.

Use the steam trigger underneath the handle only when the iron is hot enough (the light must be GREEN and not RED). The new Funky Iron has been programmed to only allow steam on 3 DOTS (COTTON) and MAX (LINEN). This is to avoid drips which typically occur when irons are set at a lower temperature.

This function allows you to iron fabrics in situ or on a hanger. To do this, set the iron temperature button to the MAX position. Leave the item on a hanger and gently pull the fabric with one hand. Press the steam trigger underneath the handle intermittently and move the iron from top to bottom. As the steam produced is very hot, it softens the fibres and removes creases. Warning: Never use the vertical steam function on an item being worn by anyone.

At the end of your ironing session, once your iron has cooled down, you should wipe over the soleplate and around the steam holes with a soft cloth to remove any fibres that may have started collecting around the steam holes.

If it has not been used for a long time (for example several weeks), this may be an opportune moment to perform the self-clean function (see Self-Clean instructions below). Alternatively, fill your iron with water, set the temperature to MAX and carefully hold your iron over the sink with the soleplate faced down for a few minutes with the steam button underneath the handle pressed down to remove any residue that could stain your laundry.

No, you must always unplug the iron before filling it.

To avoid damaging the soleplate, follow this advice:

Always stand your Funky Iron upright.

Avoid ironing over abrasive items (buttons, zip fastenings etc).

Never clean your iron's soleplate with abrasive or metallic pads. Use a soft cloth instead.

Use the complimentary Silicone Pad to rest the Funky Iron on.

Shiny marks can appear on some fabrics, especially on dark coloured fabrics. We would advise ironing dark clothes inside out and using the correct temperature. If ironing mixed-fibre fabrics, set the temperature for the most fragile fibre.

Your Funky Iron has been designed to work with tap water. If your water is very hard, mix 50% tap water with 50% distilled water (available in stores). If you're in any doubt about how hard your water is, give your water company a call and ask them.

Do not use rainwater or water containing additives (starch, perfume, aromatic substances, softeners, etc.) or water obtained through condensation (e.g. dryer, refrigerators, air conditioners or rainwater). These contain organic waste as well as minerals that condense under the influence of heat and cause sputtering, brown stains or the premature wear of your appliance.

The self-clean function removes scale and impurities. We recommend you use the self-clean function once every two weeks. If the water in your area is very hard, the self-clean function should be used more frequently. To use the self-clean function, follow these steps:

Ensure your iron is switched off and unplugged from the mains supply socket. Fill your iron with water. Stand your iron vertically, plug in and switch on at the mains supply. Set the temperature control to the MAX setting. Allow your iron to heat up until the Heat Indicator Light turns GREEN. Unplug your iron and hold it over a sink with the soleplate facing downwards. Press and hold the button marked CLEAN. Hot water and steam will be ejected from the holes in the soleplate along with any impurities and this process can last up to 2 minutes with the CLEAN button pressed down. Press and hold down the CLEAN button again until nothing happens. Stand your iron vertically, plug it into the mains supply socket and switch on. When the Heat Indicator Light turns from RED to GREEN, iron an old piece of cloth (tea towel or towel) to allow any remaining water and impurities to escape. After use, switch off and unplug your iron from the mains supply and allow it to fully cool. Empty out any remaining water. Wipe down the soleplate with a soft cloth.

You must take precautions so that using your iron is risk-free. The golden rule is never leave a hot iron unattended. This is not only to avoid overheating of the iron or the surface on which it is placed but also to ensure that no-one gets burned. The Funky Iron has an AUTO-OFF function which triggers when stationary for 30 seconds horizontally or 8 minutes vertically. Never leave a hot iron within reach of children or pets who risk knocking it over and injuring themselves. Like any electrical appliance, never put your iron in water.

Do not use an iron that has fallen down or has a damaged power cord. If you have the slightest doubt concerning the condition of your iron, contact the Customer Care team. Always unplug your iron before leaving it, cleaning it or filling it with water. Regularly check the water level to ensure that there is always enough.

It is not designed for the water to be removed completely. The most effective way of removing the water from the water tank is to tip the iron forwards and let the water run out of the water port into a sink. Thereafter, if you want to get as much water out of the iron as possible, keep pressing the water spray button until no water comes out.

It is okay to use or store the iron even with a small amount of water remaining. When storing your iron, please remove as much water as possible and store in an upright position.

Choose a board that is height-adjustable to adjust it to your body. It should be steady and robust so that you can place your Funky Iron on it. Ironing boards with a flat rest at the end or a metal rest where you can rest your iron horizontally are best for your Funky Iron. Beware of cheap ironing boards which do not have rests which protect your iron when your iron makes contact with the metal. This leads to scratching and is a common problem in the marketplace affecting all brands of irons. We recommend that you place your Silicone Pad provided with your Funky Iron on your ironing board and always have it on this pad in between ironing. That way, your new Funky Iron will not come into any contact with metal surfaces.

Funky Kettle Questions

The body and spout of the Funky Kettle is made of Stainless Steel, the filter is made of plastic.

Yes. The kettle is cordless and sits on a 360 degrees swivel base that plugs into a socket.

Externally, wipe the kettle down with a soft damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaning products as this will damage the finish of the kettle. As with all chrome products, the chrome may tarnish over time, this is a natural occurrence. To keep your Chrome Funky Kettle looking shiny we suggest using a soft cloth with a small amount of a recommended chrome polish cleaner, such as Autosol Metal

You can either use a descaling agent, white vinegar or citric acid. 

Follow descaling instructions on the bottle or packaging of the chosen tablet, liquid or powder.

If you prefer to use the white vinegar (8% acetic acid) or citric acid method – fill your kettle with water to three quarters of the max level and bring to the boil.

Once the kettle has automatically switched off then add the white vinegar up to the max level. 

Leave this to stand overnight.

Empty the kettle and rinse with water thoroughly. Re-fill the kettle and boil the water. Repeat this process three times, or until the limescale has gone.

Between 1-3 months, depending on whether you live in a hard (more than 18dH) or soft water area (up to 18dH).  De-scaling helps to extend the life of your kettle by keeping it clean and free from limescale.  This also saves energy.

The filter behind the spout prevents the build up of limescale and impurities entering the kettle. It is advised that you remove the filter to rinse it as often as is necessary to help improve the quality of the drinking water.

No. It could be dangerous to boil anything other than water.

The kettle will automatically switch itself off. Unplug the kettle and once it has cooled down sufficiently the appliance will re-set itself.  Re-fill the kettle and use as normal.

It is normal for a small amount of condensation to appear on the base but if the amount increases to more than a few drops then the kettle may have a leak, in this case please contact Customer Care on 08000 149 340.

Yes. Once your kettle has reached the end of its life please dispose of it at your local recycling centre.

Funky Toaster Questions

Once your bread has toasted lift the lever at the front which makes it easier to remove your toast.

Yes. The two left slots work together and are controlled by the temperature knob on the left hand side of the toaster and the two right slots work together and are controlled by the temperature knob on the right hand side of the toaster. You can use all four slots at the same time. You cannot use single slots on their own.

Yes. Depending on which side of the toaster is toasting, press one of the cancel buttons or both in the middle of the toaster. The toast will pop up.

The two removable crumb trays are at the front of the toaster below the temperature knobs. Remove them regularly to stop the build-up of crumbs.

Yes, with a soft damp cloth on the outside. Do not use an abrasive or corrosive cleaning product as this could damage the product.

As well as emptying out the crumb trays you could also gently tip the toaster upside down to remove any remaining crumbs. When doing this, make sure the toaster is cool and has not been recently used. We would recommend emptying the crumb trays every week and emptying the toaster chambers no later than every 3 to 4 weeks.

As with all chrome products, the chrome may tarnish over time, this is a natural occurrence.  To keep your Chrome Funky Toaster looking shiny we suggest using a soft cloth with a small amount of a recommended chrome polish cleaner, such as Autosol Metal Polish.

You can choose how well done or not you would like your toast by selecting from temperature settings 1 to 6.  The higher the setting (6 being the highest) the more well done the toast. 

Thinner or drier pieces of bread will require a lower temperature as they will toast quicker. Thicker or moist pieces of bread will require a higher temperature. 

Depending on which temperature setting you choose, your toast will pop up anywhere between 2 and just over 3 and a half minutes.

Leading scientists have said that the perfect slice of toast takes 3 minutes 36 seconds.

Yes, the slots of the Funky Toaster are wide and deep enough to accommodate bagels and crumpets.

Yes! Unlike many toasters on the market which have 12cm deep chambers, the Funky Toaster's chamber is 15cm deep which means that it will toast a Warburton's slice of bread perfectly.

Yes, lower your slice(s) of bread normally with the lever and then press the defrost button(s) either side of the cancel buttons.

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