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Our Story

The journey started one rainy grey day in May 2016 with a trip to a local hardware store. Sadie mentioned to Joe that she felt most ironing board covers were too garish and not funky, to which Joe replied "I tell you what aren’t funky … irons!" An idea was born and the day got a whole lot sunnier.

Sadie and Joe had used many different brands of irons over the years, all of which had left them disappointed and frustrated. They either failed too early or leaked and dripped water everywhere, a problem they found with both handheld steam irons and steam generator irons.

Following Joe’s bright idea and some initial research they excitedly realised that there was a gap in the marketplace for a super stylish steam iron which not only looked great and fitted in with the current retro/modern aesthetics of other household appliances but did what an iron should do, iron clothes and fabrics fantastically well.

Incorporating a steam pump into the iron, the new Funky Iron was a hybrid of a steam generator iron and a traditional iron. Having attracted much positivity and success with the first Funky product, attention quickly turned to what would come next and over the following two years a Funky Kettle and Funky Toaster were introduced.

True to Funky's beliefs, the products are unique in their style with simple, yet excellent functionality. Their unique style is protected by various international design registrations and intellectual property across the globe.

We want people to love their Funky Appliances as much as we do. Funky is a brand for style conscious consumers who value not just great looks, but great functionality too. We are very grateful indeed for all of the kind comments and emails and phone calls we have received from our customers.

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