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Award-winning UK appliance and housewares brand The Funky Appliance Company is busy preparing for the USA’s largest housewares show The Inspired Home Show which takes place from the 4th to the 7th March 2023 in Chicago, USA.

Co-Founder & CEO Joe Sillett, Global Sales Director Peter Groom and Head of Procurement Guy Weaver will show buyers from the USA, Canada and around the world their range of award-winning appliances, housewares and cookware. The show will be the first time their new Funky Air Fryer will be seen in public, alongside the current range of Funky Kettles and Funky Toasters, as well as Funky Housewares and Funky Cookware being available to order from their Global Sales Brochure.

The Funky Appliance Company was founded by husband-and-wife team Joe and Sadie Sillett in 2016 with both believing that too many appliances looked the same, with many designs shared by several brands.

The business is on track to record multi-million revenues in 2023 and with all of this business to date being booked in the UK, the company is now taking its brand international. Backed by 482 investors in over 30 countries, the business has already received significant attention from large appliance businesses but is currently concentrating on growing the business around the world under its own steam.

Joe Sillett, Co-Founder & CEO commented, “We have received a lot of interest from the USA and Canada in particular, so taking our product range to The Inspired Home Show in Chicago is a natural step forward for the business. I am in no doubt that our products will be very well received by buyers from around the world. We are quickly developing a reputation for making unique, great-looking and great-performing products. If we find the right business partners in Chicago, the show has the ability to transform our business overnight.”

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